When it comes to canceling timeshares, there are many different options. Some people use a lawyer and others try to do it themselves. In most cases, these attorneys will advise you to stop all contact with the resort or developer. The timeshare cancellation process can take months or even years to resolve.

Seaside Consultants

When it comes to timeshare cancellation, Seaside Consultants is one of the best companies to use. They provide exceptional customer service, transparency, and a straightforward process. In addition, they also offer a money-back guarantee. This type of cancellation guarantee is a great benefit to customers, as it gives them a sense of security and peace of mind.

One of the major benefits of working with a timeshare cancellation company is that they can help protect your credit score. If you are having trouble making payments, the timeshare resort may report you for missing payments, which can damage your credit score. This is why it is essential to use a reputable cancellation company.

Wesley Financial Group

When considering the best timeshare cancellation company, make sure that you choose a company that offers a guarantee. Wesley Financial Group will cancel your timeshare within the timeframe specified in your Service Agreement. This company will also guarantee the refund of any fees that you paid. You can get a free consultation with a representative to determine if they will be able to help you.

This company has a great reputation and serves many timeshare owners who are not happy with their contracts. While other timeshare exit companies can be profit-hungry, Wesley Financial Group is different. They only work with clients they can help. They have a high rating with Dun & Bradstreet, meaning that they have the funds to honor their Money-Back Guarantee.

Centerstone Group

The Centerstone Group is a well-respected company that has been in business since 2020. This company has a team of professionals that specialize in timeshare cancellations. Their staff has years of experience dealing with receiving parties and resort developers and can help you get your timeshare canceled. They also offer legal representation if you need it. Their process is quick and easy, and they take a holistic approach to canceling your timeshare.

This company’s website offers a free consultation. They only work with people they believe they can help. They are open seven days a week and have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, there are several negative reviews on the internet. One person claimed that the Centerstone Group had charged him $12,000 to cancel her timeshare.


If you want to cancel your timeshare, the best option is to contact a timeshare exit organization like Seaside. This company, located in Encinitas, California, has been helping timeshare owners get out of their contracts since 2014. The company offers free consultations over the phone or virtually, so that you can learn more about your options.

A timeshare exit company will take the stress out of this process. The company will assess your case and determine whether your particular situation is the best fit for them. They are very selective about the cases they take on and will never pressure you into making a quick decision.

Seaside Financial Group

If you’re looking for a timeshare cancellation company, Seaside Consultants Group is a good choice. They offer a free consultation and will determine the costs after reviewing your case. The fees that Seaside Consultants Group charge for timeshare cancellation vary depending on the complexity of your case. This is an important factor to consider before hiring a timeshare cancellation company.

When choosing a company to cancel your timeshare, choose a company that has a good track record for delivering results. Seaside Consultants Group is located in Encinitas, California, and has been in business since 2014. Know on best company to cancel my timeshare.